VEGAN Catering

Events & office lunches


Are you looking for an experienced caterer to help make your event a big success? We have been working in the field of vegan food and vegan catering for over five years and have developed a wide range of dishes that are perfect for lunch meetings, boat tours, influencer parties, yoga workshops and all sorts of other events. All of our creations are 100% vegan. This means we do not use any products of animal origin. This modern style of cooking fits the new trend of sustainability and animal-welfare and therefor matches perfectly with the image you want to create for your brand. We have experience with catering smaller as well as bigger events. Besides everything being plant-based (vegan), we can cater to your needs and take into account any allergies. This makes our vegan and mostly gluten free catering suitable for a wide range of guests. And surely, they’ll love the taste!

NEW! Besides event catering, we now offer a subscription for companies that are looking to introduce a healthy and plant based meal for their teams on a regular basis. Have you been wanting to introduce a ‘Meatless Monday’ or ‘Vegan Friday’ at your office? We can make this happen by supplying you with our deli-lunchboxes! We have started a trial with a limited amount of addresses. The minimum order amount is 10 boxes per address (Amsterdam only). Would you like to join this selected group and be amongst the first to receive Vegabonds new lunch boxes, please contact us at

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